SQLyog 8.13 RC Has Been released

Changes (as compared to beta 3) include:

Bug Fixes:
* ‘reorder columns’ threw away ” (empty string) DEFAULTs for string columns.
* When data were changed in GRIDs and  the GRID-curser was moved to another row of the GRID by right-clicking in a cell of another row of the GRID, no UPDATE statement was sent (left-click and arrow-down key worked as expected).
* With low wait_timeout setting on <target> it could happen that Data Sync took more time than this setting to prepare a BULK INSERT statement. Connection to <target> would be lost and sync not completed. We now SET wait_timeout = 28800 in Data  Sync. Also ‘restore from SQL dump’ will now do the same.
* Mails sent by SJA could truncate a HTML tag for background color. ‘white’ would become ‘hite’.  The display with specific email clients was unpredictable.


3 thoughts on “SQLyog 8.13 RC Has Been released

  1. Actually we just found an issue with a broken link. It is fixed now. I hope it was the same as you found! If not please detail.

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