SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.22 Has Been Released

Changes (as compared to 8.21) include:

Bug Fixes:
* ‘Test connection’ would succeed even if a non-existing database was specified in the database field. Connection would next fail.
* Database name (if any) would erase on clicking OK in error dialog in connection window.
* HTML exports could drop the first character of string output.
* With multimonitor setup and SQLyog on the right screen some rarely used dialogues would pop up on left screen.
* Copy database/table will now display ‘connecting to source/target server’ while connecting.  If establishing connection took more than a few seconds users could have the impression that nothing was happening.
* An extra RESULT tab could appear when executing a query.  This bug was introduced in 8.2. Professional and Enterprise editions were affected.
* In notification wizard sending mail would fail if there was no semicolon after the query and “include original query” option was checked.
* With more than 65 536 (2^16) rows displayed in GRID, the GRID scrollbar would expose strange behavior. We were using a scroll control using 16 bit integers internally.  New scroll control handles +4 billion rows.
* In Wine when displaying very wide tables and result sets (like 500+ columns) the column header could disappear. The underlying reason was that Wine failed to render a gradient as transparent but rendered it as opaque instead.
* Horizontal scrollbar in GRID would sometime not appear when executing a query returning a large number of columns if not scrollbar was required for previous query.
* With larger than ‘normal’ DPI setting the BLOB Viewer header would not display properly.
* ‘Export as SQL-dump’ dialogue was redesigned to allow for longer files paths.


4 thoughts on “SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.22 Has Been Released

  1. The option to clear editor was removed. It was/is non-standard and had no warnings. You can ‘select all’ + ‘delete’ with standard Windows shortcuts (Crtl+A, Del).

    Are you dissatisfied about this?

  2. The option to clear editor was useful for me as it was implemented. Perhaps could be configurable if you want active or not.


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