MONyog MySQL Monitor 4.5 RC Has Been Released

Please note that when upgrading from a previous version to this one, it is required that MONyog detects the replication topology of registered servers before the ‘registered servers’ page can display. This may take a few minutes with a large number of registered servers. Please be patient for as long. Note that this delay will only happen once.

Changes (as compared to beta 2) include:

Bug fixes:
* Emails sent by MONyog were missing the date in header.
* A slave will indent with its master in a hierarchy while displaying in the list of servers page. In the betas it did with freshly registered slaves only and not slaves migrated from previous program versions.
* User-defined ‘point-in-time’ custom Dashboard charts on system counters did not work as expected.
* Fixed small issues with the automatic replication topology detection introduced in beta 1 and 2.
* UI fixes, code optimizations etc.


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