Where has MySQL Proxy gone?

I wanted to download MySQL Proxy 0.72 (the latest stable to my best knowledge) but I found ..

1) This page: does not list MySQL proxy at all.

2) Anyway all versions up to 0.81 are available from FTP mirrors (like so I was able to get my hands on it.

Accidentially I found shortly after that ..

3) This page: (only) has 0.81 ALPHA listed.

4) Here MySQL supporter references a version 0.9 that is nowhere referenced on nor but seems available from Launchpad.

I don’t understand why stable versions are not available from any more.  I think I know/understand  that there were some securtity concerns with pre-0.8x (but they do not affect me with my environment so I am happy with 0.72). In any case I find it very confusing that a GA/stable version is withdrawn once published without even a note about why it happened.  I cannot know of course if this is a deliberate choice or maybe just a mistake by the MySQL web team. But as said: I find it very confusing that a GA version suddenly is not available where it used to be. If it has so serious issues that they/Oracle do not want to distribute it, then should have a note about why it was removed and tell about 0.81/0.9 version(s) download options (from dev …).

I tried to ask about this in the above-mentioned bug report. The supporter here was not in a position to reply (what I understand and accept – and I probably should not have asked there).  But the problem is that I don’t know where else I could ask.

Please tell: was the removal of 0.72 from a deliberate choice (and if so, why?) or a simple mistake (if so, please fix it!). And if there is a 0.9 (development) version that can be considered good enough for ordinary users posting a bug report to test with, then why is it then not available on ?

5 thoughts on “Where has MySQL Proxy gone?

  1. Stable versions of MySQL Proxy were never available — and that’s not a joke — it was always a beta version.

    My guess is that the folks developing on it left Oracle and thus it’s not getting updated. It’s possible 0.72 was end-of-life’d. Also, since MySQL Proxy was never GA’d, I don’t think Oracle is obligated to keep any version available for download….but that’s my 2 cents.

    I’m glad you can still find repositories. I know Giuseppe was working heavily on it, and he’s no longer at Oracle, so perhaps he can shed some light on this subject.

  2. MySQL Proxy is still under active development within Oracle, with the core original developer still leading development (everybody wave to Jan who commented above), I am the manager responsible for it.

    It’s having quite some major scalability work done to it right now within the 0.9 release, on it’s way to a GA (removing the global scripting layer locking). Some of this should be seeing the light of day “soon” (no, I can’t give any firm time frames).

    Giuseppe contributed scripts to proxy, but none of the core development, fwiw (not to belittle the work he did around scripting, which was fantastic).

  3. OK .. thanks for the replies.

    I thought 0.72 was released as GA. But my memory seems to have fooled me this time.

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