SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.5 beta 2 Released

Changes (as compared to beta 1) include:

* Search is now possible in INFO tab/text mode and in  HISTORY tab. CTRL+F will open the ‘Find’ dialog.
* Foreign Key lookup now works across databases.

Bug fixes:
* A default for a BIT datatype could not be specified properly. Now b’..’ and x’..’ notation may be used when specifying column defaults.
* Stability- and GUI-fixes with the new CREATE/ALTER TABLE interface.
* When connected to pre-4.1 servers non-ASCII characters could garble.


5 thoughts on “SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.5 beta 2 Released

  1. Hi there,

    I just downloaded this version and seen that the history and info tabs appear on top as described.

    I did close these two however then went looking for a way to bring them back, but found none. The [+] dropdown in this area doesn’t provide a way to bring back info or history and I can’t find it anywhere else either.

    Thanks for all the fine work, and working as hard as ever to keep making improvements.


    Martin Francis

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