SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.51 Released

Changes (as compared to 9.5) include:

The active database context is now highlighted in Object Browser using a bold font.

Bug fixes:
* Drop-downs in the DATA and RESULT tab grid (used by SET and ENUM columns) could ‘drop down’ where they should ‘drop up’ instead.
* Specifying empty string defaults for strings columns was broken in 9.5.
* Fixed a rare crash caused by an undoumented behavior from the Windows API resulting in division by zero. Crash is now avoided by adding an additional condition check.
* Fixed a painting issue in the Foreign Key tab in the new (from 9.5) tabbed interface for CREATE/ALTER TABLE that could render the interface here unusable on some systems.
* Other minor fixes with same tabbed interface.


4 thoughts on “SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.51 Released

  1. @Anders: A Windows API call with specific parameters really did return “0″ where it according to documentation on MSDN should return “1″.

  2. Hi Peter,

    like the use of bold on selected DB context – this should reduce the number of times I run the wrong script on the wrong database, or run it twice on the same one by mistake, especially as I use background colours on various connection screens.

    Keep up the good work, we really appreciate it!
    Martin Francis

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