SQLyog 9.61 Released – Now with Option for Chinese Interface

Changes (as compared to 9.6) include:

* A Chinese (Simplified) translation is now included.

Bug fixes:
* When there was an INFO tab open the server was unnecessarily queried for the content of the INFO tab (based on Object Browser selection) when closing the program. This could cause a slow shutdown.
* Fixed a crash occurring when pressing the ESC key in the CREATE/ALTER tab/dialog. This bug was introduced in 9.6.


4 thoughts on “SQLyog 9.61 Released – Now with Option for Chinese Interface

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  2. Why isn’t there a Traditional Chinese version? Do you only focus on Simplified Chinese market or what? or you’re lack of translator for Traditional Chinese? If the latter, I may be able to help you. If the former, I’d like to let you know that HK, Taiwan and Singapore are all using Traditional Chinese, though there’re some difference of term are used. Please let me know If I can help with translating to Traditional Chinese in Taiwan area.

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