SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.22 Released

Changes (as compared to 11.21) include:

Bug fixes:
* Fixed stability issues when running SQLyog with a non-English language interface on a system running a non-western locale. ‘hangs’ and random crashes could occur. This bug was introduced in 11.2.
* With specific settings for the formatter the formatting preview in ‘preferences’ would not always show exactly how formatting would actually be done.
* After closing a maximized SQLyog program window with no connection window inside, SQLyog would open in non-maximized mode when started next time.


3 thoughts on “SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.22 Released

  1. Just upgraded to latest version yesterday.
    v.11.22 (32 bit) on Windows 7.

    Paste in Query editor is not working.
    Ctrl-v not working either.

  2. Please report to our Forums or support ticket system.

    You are welcome to comment but we need more information and will not uise the blog for communication about this.

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