3 thoughts on “SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.41 Released

    • I agree, not being vulnerable to Heartbleed is nice, but automatically not being vulnerable thanks to an auto-update feature would be much nicer!

  1. Please consider that SQLyog is a commercial program. Even though the license is perpetual (‘lasts forever’) the access to upgrades is not. Users/customers will have to provide their license details in order to be allowed to download.

    Further the SQLyog executable does not have information about license details (such as when the maintenance period has ended or will end) – only our orders/customers database (accessible for customers through our Customer Portal) has.

    We don’t want to add funtionalities to the executable checking for this, as it will undoubtedly return ‘false negatives’ and also the traffic on the web from inside the executable required to implement functionalities for license validation (at startup for instance) would raise a hurricane of occusations against us of spying, and if there is no Internet connection available it could also disable the program’s ability to run.

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