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Hi All,

We had asked for feedback on our products. Thanks for such an overwhelming response. Your feedbacks are listed here.

We are being thanked for our products every now & then by users through various channels (forums, tickets, blog comments, mails etc.). This drill was an effort to bring your voices to netizens’ notice. We are committed to make our users’ life easy by letting our products handle the arcane stuff. It is an honor to build a product that make people rejoice literally…(See Mark Cloyd’s comment).

We have received thousands of responses, however we could only include a few in our web-site. It was very tough to select the final two winners.

The most useful and feature specific feedback was provided by:

1. Mark Cloyd – Owner / Programmer, Mark Cloyd Designs
2. Alan Crabb – Director, Integer Group Ltd.

Congratulations to Mark & Alan. Someone from Webyog will be contacting you soon. Thank you for helping others make a wise decision.

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    Everything is fine here. Could please elaborate. Did the browser reported an error? If so please copy|paste the message here, we will help you out.


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